If you want your images to be considered for Getty you need:

  • Accurate captions (DESCRIPTIVE and GENERAL) telling the WHO, WHY and WHAT - don't 'carpet-bomb' captions unless they really are similar in content.
  • REMOVE country and date in your caption descriptions.
  • WHERE & WHEN should go in the Location and Date Metadata fields.
  • DO NOT COPY AND PASTE captions from any other sites including Wiki - your images will be rejected.
  • Make sure the keywords for each image are accurate and not 'carpet-bombed'. "Carpet-bombed" meaning, putting some words irrelevant to the image.
  • NAME in KEYWORDS - ONLY name/names of person seen in each photo should be put in keywords. If a person is not in the photo don't put his/her name.
  • When submitting a sports story, specific player/players name should be put in captions and make sure to indicate the final score of the game.